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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the problem. up next. now city supervisor says he's ready to do something about it. >> car goes sailing through the side of garage tonight. how it happened and where. 7 news side of garage tonight. how it happened and where. 7 news begins in 60 secondndndndndndndd
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>> l there are people who are imposters who are taking people's money. >> abc 7 surveillance camera caught a parking lot rip off that happens all the time. >> posing as parking attendant scaming people. even former mayor was a victim. good evening. >> tonight san francisco supervisor called to us say that he is taking action. >> what he saw open abc 7 makes the problem very clear. lillian is live and the new interest in stopping him. >>reporter: we are on broadway and embarcadero and this is one parringing lot where many of the scam have been taking place. san francisco
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supervisor l ross is now saying enough is enough. many lots if san francisco have pay machine and signs that say pay here or pay in box. nevertheless people are being ripped off by parking attendant imposters. former san francisco mayor art agnes face-to-face with one. man dressed in white shirt blue pant motioned him to stop. >> it will be 10 dollars. here it is gave me receipt put this on the windshield and just drive right on down there to the spot right there. >>reporter: he only realized it was a scam when he got a ticket on the car later that night. parking lot owner say the incidents are becoming much more frequent. >> this is one month file of customers complaints. pl one month. >>reporter: with one of the most prolific imposter was caught on our camera yesterday. parking lot attendant grabbed the man suspected as posing one of them. authorities identify
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him as if the man with repeated arrest the da office says he will likely reoffend. >> we can only charge and prosecute for somebody the conduct they committed. this is petty theft miss demeanor charge and only carries a limited sentence. >> because the crime is considered to be a misdemeanor repetitively it's beginning to have a cumulative effect. >>reporter: supervisor pl will introduce a resolution on tuesday calling for the da, muni an the port authority to come one plan that will put an end to the scam. one idea eyes to the require parking lot owners to add gates that require a ticket to enter and exit the lot. >> we are on the cusp of being the host of the america cup which is going to be all over i think san francisco especially in the embarcadero port authority area. we really have to be prepared for that. >>reporter: what supervisor is introducing on tuesday is a non-binding resolution. he hopes it will eventually evolve into a city ordinance. live in
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san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thanks lillian. >> one man is seriously injured after dramatic accident in san francisco in. happened when the driver lost control of the car and careened down twin peak boulevard. toyota clipped one car then smashed through the side of a garage. the car ended upside down on top of another car. the driver was extricated from the car and taken to san francisco general. other car crashed into were parked at the time and there were no other injuries. >> in boston. 2 squet liners bumped into each other at logan international airport. the jet was clipped by the wing of large are delta boeing 7 67. the one taxi back to the debit. one person complained of neck injury. smaller plane was going to north carolina. larger one headed to amsterdam. >> don't ask don't tell could
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be resurrected if obama administration gets its way. federal government today asked the 9th circuit court of appeals to reconsider its order demanding a halt to the ban on openly gay troop in the military. emergency motion was filed tonight. department of justice lawyers say ending the ban now would preempt the orderly process for right leg back the 17-year-old policy. >> governor brown has signed a landmark bill to incorporate gay lesbian bisexual and transgender history that social studies class in california public schools. bill is the first of its kind in the nation. democratic controlled legislature passed it last week on largely party line vote. some churches and conservative group argued it exposes students to subject this is parents find objectionable. but the bill sponsor state senator mark leno of san francisco says it techs students tolerant and more accepting of differences. >> president obama will make his case on increasing the nation debt ceiling in news conference tomorrow morning. time running short for
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congressional leaders who have met at the white house for 5 straight day on august 2nd america hits the credit limit and if they can't break the steal mate by then it could mean financial chaos. >> if the debt talk fail the government will have to start cutting back and shutting down in less than 3 weeks. >> we are running out of time. the eyes of the country are on us and eyes of the world are on us. >> the government nasa 172 billion in taxes but owe 307 billion. government will be forced to choose after paying the interest on the debt the government could pay for social security, medicare, medicaid, troop salary veteran benefits homeland security, unemployment insurance, tax refunds, education, and the faa. but that means it could not fund the center for disease control. food stamps. aid for needy family. federal housing. energy. and highway programs. fbi and much more. as the
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clock winds down on the nation credit, war of words is boiling over. >> they bring this economy dow down. they broke it and they own it. >> republicans will not be reduced to being the tax collectors forth obama economy. >>reporter: democrat have found their villain. >> house troy leader cantor shouldn't even be at the table. >> team for leader cantontor to make some con sichlingts childish. >> he tacit in all stride. >> leader reid is frustrated as we all are and the fact is we are going to abide by our principals. >> all right president news conference on the debt crisis scheduled for 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning our time. site here live on abc 7. >> tonight students across the state trying to figure out how to pay for college after learning tuition is climbing once again. uc regent approved 9.6 percent increase for the upcoming school year nearly 1 1100 dollars a year on top of last year 8% hike. both
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undergraduate and graduate tuition now cost more than 1 12,000 dollars a year. >> my husband and i are both berkeley graduate students and coming out we have 250,000 dollars in loans. that's a model that is not sustainable and we are not alone a.lot of graduate students just like us. >> regent said rate hike is needed after 650 million dollars in cuts through the state budget. not just uc students feeling the pain. earlier this week the csu system raised tuition by 12 percent on top of a previously approved 10% increase. >> san francisco doctor was killed and 3 other people were injured when a big really collided with a hospital shuttle bus. it happened this morning at the intersection of octavia boulevard and oak street. dr. kevin mack died after being loan from the shuttle. he was a uc sf psychiatrist and had taught at the medical school. driver of the shuttle had minor injuries. the driver of the big rig was not hurt. the map accused of stealing a picasso from union square art gallery appears to have quite
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an art habit. mark is expected in court tomorrow for the july 5th heist from the wine stein gallery after argue him for that theft, police raided his new jersey home and found 500,000 dollars worth of stolen artwork there. hanging on a wall in the apartment this picasso drawing worth 350,000 dollars. it was reported stolen from new york hotel along with 6 other pieces also found in the apartment. >> more to bring you tonight coming up next. so many homecoming from the war in afghanistan for fallen soldier from san jose. >> and zip go through airport security. wish you co-government new trusted traveler program. and then this. >> it's lake really bitter sweet. we sprobl asleep over and cry all night. >> fans around the bay area land up for the premier of the final harry potter movie. >> then later. nightline. >> about come up next on "nightline". teenager girl fall noose a translike sleep that last more than a week like
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under a spell. we look at the case and real life sleeping beauty and women roll derby about roaring come back. lap and@ñ
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> flags around california will fly at half staff on monday for fallen soldier who returned home to the bay area for the last time today. army staff sergeant nick the fourth died when his unit came under fire on july 5th. flag draped coffin arrived aboard jet at moffitt field. they stood alongside the family hear. >> as a father i can't be any prouder than l knowing that what you raised, you are raising your son, that they come up fwm just perfect character. l. >>reporter: sergeant leaves behind his wife and his daughters. he also served in the marine corps before joining the army. >> tsa wants to test express lanes for fliers. federal authorities plan to launch pilot program at 4 airport that
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will allow pre-qualified passengers to pass security checkpoint more swiftly. program would include delta passengers boarding planes in atlanta and detroit and american passengers boarding in miami and dallas fochlt bay area airport involved in this test. passengers who are frequent nrirs would provide personal information in advance to be screened by the tsa. those fliers that qualify would pass through an expedited process. >> well could you be suffering from google brain? new research suggest we are out sourceing our brain to other search engine. i hope net puts such volume of information at our finger tip that we are remembering actual facts less and remembering to place the information as stored more. we are more lakely to remember things we believe are not available on line. study appears in july issue of science. well, t minus 45 minutes and counting when the first showing of the latest and last harry potter film light up the
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screen. all over the place. fans of the film lining up to be among the first to site. the folks are in san francisco. line wrapped around the building. lisa is live at the tech museum in san jose where very cool potter party is in full swing. lisa? >>reporter: that is very true dan. we are here and also hundreds of other people that are here for the very special premiere party. take a look behind me. people who are in license for contest. prizes. they are dressed up in cost calm because these are die hard fans. the are you a harry potter fan. >> absolutely. i wouldn't be dressed up as this if i wasn't. >> i have taken the hog wart. >> they have taken their love of all things harry potter as far as possible at the mid nature present mir party at san jose tech museum. it's the final film of the franchise. harry potter and the deathly hall low part 2. >> finish where we start. >> with the movie finale comes
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the reality that series that created an entire generation of new readers is ending. >> like best friend. feels lick you are losing your best friend. >>reporter: because the mavie are ending. >> yes. everything is ending. like if this is part of people childhood. >> children aren't the only fans. >> harry. dark mark. if we have all 7 movies. >>reporter: david bruiner is 45. >> i always wanted take the and putting it off and i thought there's probably one thing i totally adore and that's hair ports. >>reporter: he planned the nature three months ago and got 45 tickets for all of his friends. if all over san jose campbell, milpitas and mountain view the midnight showing is sold out. him if tickets at the i max theater sold out in 90 minutes and some fans lined up 15 hours before show time. and so to pass the time frjs
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they role play. all part of putting what they love in the spotlight. >> i was just the girl who memorized every detail. every part. every chapter. if someone start add sentence could i finish it. from the book. it was just it was my life. it was my life. >>reporter: him if as i mentioned midnight showing is sold out but fans have another chance to catch a movie here tonight. there will be 2:30 am blythe or not movie playing tonight but even that tl sold out just a few hours ago. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> if plans foiled thanks lisa. >> firefighters battle a large grass fire near the pass today. burned more than 400 acres near interstate 5 80. 35 miles per hour winds made it difficult to control. no one hurt and no stretchers burned. investigators belief the fir was started by downed power line if one of the wind mill in the area. certainly was windy
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throughout day. it was indeed but things beginning to change as we move toward the weekend. >> let's check in with sandy now. >> summer is come back. can you believe tonight yes i know in the middle of summer but hasn't been feeling like the. we are starting to see some changes and we are going into a warmer weather pattern as we head into the weekend. take a look at the high definition mount tam camera time lapse. low clouds in plain view. loo looking at sausalito richardson bay but the marine layer not very organized tonight and not very wide spread. so we are expecting that things are going to change tomorrow. temperatures rate now in the 50's and the 60's. areas of lecloud overnight to mostly sunny for your friday afternoon and warming begins this weeken weekend. it will be noticeably warmer as we head into early next week. so tonight do look for the cloud to fill back in. not out of the ordinary by morning 50's except upper 40's around santa rosa and napa. take the a lack at the water vapor imagery. satellite
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picture shows you what it looks like in the upper layers of the atmosphere. area of low pressure that has been spinning and spinning and sitting here out west. slowly moving out which is going to help to bring our temperatures up. but in place of this area of low pressure another low crops down to our warming that takes place will not ab huge warm-up and will not be immediate. tomorrow we go with just a little bit warmer around the state as well today. we had record low maximum temperature in places like flows and palm springs believe it or not and tomorrow nuching wards but certainly not out of record territory. so cold there. 86 in fresno. 98 tomorrow in palm springs. pretty hot day there heading up to the tahoe area isolated showers are possible in the afternoon. 71 degrees and down in los angeles 73 and sunny after the usual morning clouds. here in the bay area you will start out with some clouds in the morning. san jose by afternoon. 71 degrees. 74 for los gatos on the
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peninsula beautiful day once the clouds clear away. looking at 68 in palo alto. 70 forless at os. upper 50's to low 60's rate near the coast where we will still see some gray sky tomorrow afternoon. downtown san francisco still cooler than afternoon but you are getting cholesteroler to the average. 62 degrees. breezy in the sun set district. 60 degrees. north bay certainly need the sun screen as we see lots of sunshine and santa rosa sonoma, mid 70's. east bay 65 oakland. hayward. 68 in castro valley. head inland and mild sunny afternoon although still running cooler than nvrment you should really be in the upper dwroys low 90's tomorrow but tomorrow 72 in livermore 73 in concord 77 for antioch and around the monterey bay 72. in santa cruz. inland 77 degrees in gilroy. here's a lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. today more sunshine out there. saw some clearing and we are heading towards sunny year day graduate warming trend. by this weekend we bring the 80's back and then by
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tuesday and wednesday if it's hot. 90's inland. 60's at the keingt. when we are used to seeing 60's and 70's here, 90's feel hot. summer is coming back. >> thanks. >> french revolution is celebrated in france today. >> and party continues here tonight l. san francisco styl >> and party continues here tonight l. san francisco styl style. next. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees
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with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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downtown los altos getting a make over according to the silicon valley business journal. older buildings being torn down to make room for new development. all of it unprecedented for los altos known as bedroom community. silicon valley office space is getting snapped up so quickly that companies are being forced to look to san oh, safety office space there is less expensive and city still has a 19 percent vacancy rate. and artist kincaid morgan hill base company is set to emerge from bank any a filing in san jose federal court the company says it plans to pay its debts, expand into new product lines and open new galleries. >> more on the headlines in tomorrow print edition of silicon valley business journa journal. >> we might be thousands of miles from france but annualy way in san francisco financial
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district tack on a paris feel this evening as many people celebrated l at the time day after work. this restaurant is called cafe bass steele. other bars and restaurants also got into the evening festivities. >> that's fun. >> very cool. >> him if steve is here. >> larry is here now. >> moving along because i have to get to the harry potter sho show. >> time is running out. jints started the second half of the season tonight with extras in san diego and they definitely saved best for last. huff hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
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>> good evening everybody. first place giants open second half of the season tonight in san diego with offense pretty much picking up where they left off in the first half. in other words nearly invisible for most of the night. pablo 21 game history facing the pad aaron. attack here in the first. 2 out single. 22 game
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games. to tie willy for third best on all time giants list. madison pretty strong in 6 innings. chase in the third. in the fourth huff shatter the bat. chris with a diving catc catch. jints down 1 nothing in the 9th v. no fear. huff is here taking the all star heat down the line and out. no. 9 for huff and game tied at 1 appease to the 12th and not a hit but lou walks mike with two outs and bases loading giving the giants a two-1 lead. now i present you with an actual giant hit. from the panda naturally. scoring a pair as the giants erupt late. rally for 5 more and they do win the hard way. 6-two in 12. face the angels to. one of the best things about sports day like today at the british open when a 20-year-old amateur can play right alongside his idol and shoot the lowest round by amateur in open history. we start with aaron. trying to get out of one of the infamous
11:30 pm
pwivrping. turned around to hit lefty and can't blast his way out of the pit. johnson was 4 over through 14. shot of the day right here though. from the tee box couldn't even see the hole. and it's an ace. all eyes on u.s. open champ the mcilroy. in contention finished 1 over. thomas made the field because singe pulled out with share of the lead. tied with 20-year-old english amateur tom lewis. the kid. named after tom watson who turned out to be his playing partner today. no pressure there. kid with 4 straight birdie on the back side and par 18 under watson watchful eye. so it is lewis and thomas sharing the lead at 5 under 65. lewis first amateur in 35 years to lead a round in major american phil mickelson even par after 70 today. day 12 tour de france straight uphill
11:31 pm
l in france. climbing stages. this tour loaded with crashes. leader thomas almost taken out on the curve but he was able to keep his balance. sanchez a hill climbing specialist wins the stage finishing in style f.keeps the yellow jersey ahead by a minute and 49 seconds and we will not let you forget the final of the women world cup coming up on sunday. u.s. against japan. catch the match sunday morning 11:45 am. over on espn. >> we don't want to forget. >> everybody will be watching this. >> thanks larry. >> nature line is up next. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us everyone. >> we appreciate your time. always nasty to be with you. stay connected any time you wish at 7 see you again tomorrow. wish at 7 see you again tomorrow. >> good night everyone
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